Dawn of the Apocalypse

Design by eskimokiss

Dawn of the Apocalypse by eskimokiss on Threadless
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man835 profile pic Alumni

very slick - 4


on any color shirt - the fire still NEEDS to be orange - or it looses impact.

to make it not look like a tree - try putting a smoke ring in (around the level where the mushroom cloud pinches in). i think you've only got 3 colors for the flame - so you should be able to add grey for 4 colors.


ya' know what would make this shirt fucking sing... a panda fucking bear... god knows shirts with panda bears fucking kick ass.

j/k seriously nice work.


i'd totally buy it if the explosion is orange.


i love it. i like the bigger designs and the colors work very well

Ava Adore

im liking the grey one!

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

And CupN00dl3, excuse my ignorance but what is cell shading?

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