Darth Side of the Moon

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Darth Side of the Moon by ozf5 on Threadless
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ozf5 profile pic Artist

Dark Side (aka Darth Side of the Moon)

A parody combining elements representative of 2 of the most iconic images associated with the dark side...

On a black shirt for that classic look, the design fades at the horizontal edges.


I would have included Vader's eye lenses above the whole thing, because it took me a couple minutes to recognize the triangle and dots as his facemask.

To be honest, I thought it was a purse! I was wondering what that had to do with either Pink Floyd or Vader...

It's a good idea, just needs some work. If it were me, I'd think about replacing the facemask with the deathstar, and have the rainbow reflection coming out of the laser...hole...thing that they used to blow up Alderaan.

Anyway, keep working on it! Good luck!

ozf5 profile pic Artist

Thanks, PigBoatCaptain, I didn't include the eyes or the cheek plates, because I wanted just enough detailnecessary to avoid any trademark problems. If Threadless thinks the eyes lenses are ok to add that would be no problem!

ozf5 profile pic Artist

ndrwcohick you make a good point, but part of the fun with a shirt like this is for those that are "in the know" you recognize the star wars references whereas others might not--you have solved the puzzle that left others stumped! Anyway, that's the sort of fun that I was going for...

ozf5 profile pic Artist

...providing "just enough" of 2 iconic designs that each have a different association with "Dark Side."

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

this concept has been printed on a tee before... here...


Yep , sorry old chap - it's been done.

ozf5 profile pic Artist

Thanks for the head sp phillydesigner, that's a bit of a bummer...

hgwells-- the format looks like what follow the 2 slash marks here://Dark Side
now if I copy and paste the above minus the 2 slash marks you get: Dark Side
hope that helps.

ozf5 profile pic Artist

Whoops, that didn't work, let's try that again, this time ignore the Dark Side

or your text

ozf5 profile pic Artist

Alright here's an outside link explaining how to use the "a href" code.

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