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BlacXiii profile pic Artist

This shirt design is a true story. I swear it on a shuriken.


the shurikens appear to be floating instead of impaling the wearer

BlacXiii profile pic Artist

I designed it with the intentions of it being cartoonish, thats the reason for the cartoonish text.

I hoped that would kind of make the gorish feel less disturbing. But yeah, I get what you guy's are saying.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i'd actually like the front part of this design on my back, and nothing on the front. That would make me happy. Nice idea tho.


I agree with plover- it looks like a grafitti tag. My husband would love this! He's forever making ninja jokes. $5

BlacXiii profile pic Artist

If I were to reverse the shirt it would be like the Punchline coming before the joke.

A ninja being sneaky, like a ninja, would write the message on the back. I know if I put a kick me sign or something prankish on a co-worker, I usually dont place the posted note some where they can see it.


I agree with FRICKINAWESOME too . . . . and myself :P


No text is better..


no text...the slashs/shuriken give off enough ninja vibe...otherwise...rock on.


the way it is is awesome. these people don't understand ninjas. gosh. it rocks i would totally wear it. :D


YEAH YEAH front on back and just plain white on front
that would be freaking awesome


i don't usually care for text but this seems ok to me.

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