Darn Ninjas

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Darn Ninjas by BlacXiii on Threadless
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BlacXiii profile pic Artist

This shirt design is a true story. I swear it on a shuriken.


the shurikens appear to be floating instead of impaling the wearer

BlacXiii profile pic Artist

I designed it with the intentions of it being cartoonish, thats the reason for the cartoonish text.

I hoped that would kind of make the gorish feel less disturbing. But yeah, I get what you guy's are saying.


I agree with plover- it looks like a grafitti tag. My husband would love this! He's forever making ninja jokes. $5

BlacXiii profile pic Artist

If I were to reverse the shirt it would be like the Punchline coming before the joke.

A ninja being sneaky, like a ninja, would write the message on the back. I know if I put a kick me sign or something prankish on a co-worker, I usually dont place the posted note some where they can see it.


I agree with FRICKINAWESOME too . . . . and myself :P


No text is better..


no text...the slashs/shuriken give off enough ninja vibe...otherwise...rock on.


the way it is is awesome. these people don't understand ninjas. gosh. it rocks i would totally wear it. :D


YEAH YEAH front on back and just plain white on front
that would be freaking awesome


i don't usually care for text but this seems ok to me.

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