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Looks like the movie will be out the 23rd of February.


I love Reno 911 soooo much....where are those famous shorts????!!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

urban...not to be a complete dick, but, weren't you the one making a big stink over the fact that the British T-Rex was basically just a copied version of something else and then started what snowballed into the most annoying sub ever?

Well, this is nothing more than a traced picture of this
....you did mirror the image I guess...

wtf dude...

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Well...I would stay away from using pictures you didn't take in the future considering you down own the rights to them.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Nope urban. I am not going to print any shirts. Especially not the pug one cause I found out there's already a shirt that says "Pugs Not Drugs" on it.
I just subbed that one cause I thought it was stupid and it made me giggle

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Kerrn said she has one that says Pug Not Drugs on it already

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