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mmm, I'm hungry. very clever, sir. I like it:)


^yet you have a submission called 'Moonbirds'? working at arms length on that one huh?
the dangerous pets series continues to please

mikey0145 profile pic Alumni

derry farm, you dawg


what the hell happened!

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

i don't see how this pet is dangerous much

Luke... profile pic Artist

ahh, secretly robots....the danger isnt always to the owner.....sometimes the danger is to themselves......';]

Luke... profile pic Artist

it seems '...tweetie' is being misunderstood..
this is just a comical look at people who take on too much responsibility with an exotic/dangerous pet....when they get tired of them they usually stop giving them proper care or release them into what they think is the wild...in any case it is killing them either way.......so here is what maybe some frugally minded person might do around the holidays......
just like all those people who shamefully release gators to the sewer, or their turtles to the park, or cats to an alley, or birds to the sky.......

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

twisted, nice, the cage is a bit to small for a toucan

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