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Néhérénia profile pic Artist

Dandy means in French: an elegant person. I do not know if this word employment also in English


I love the picture, but lose the text.

filak profile pic Alumni

Cool $5


I agree w/ podium06


This made me laugh. I've never heard that it meant gay, I thought it meant overly concerned with appearances.


Hee! So strange and cute. I love the dapper raven-man. $4!

Back in 18th century England, Dandy was used as a term for gay men...

No, it was more like for their equivalents of metrosexuals and himbos. :p


Oh, but please on the grey/blue rather than on the creme/orange.


no text


But in the literature I've studied featuring dandies, they're often portrayed as chasing women. And they certainly weren't just French, although the movement was French-inspired. At its height the Prince Regent and most of his court were dandies, but that doesn't mean they were all gay. I see what you're saying and I understand that dandyism would have had gay implications, but I don't think homosexuality is a requisite of being a dandy, and it's definitely not present in the word's literal meaning.


change the text and size, and i'd wear it.


Je prefer l'image seulment.


I like design but wish I could see the image smaller.


Dandy is a great word, still in use in the uk and with slightly camp connotations, I like the idea of a camp corvid. But this said, the text is too big, it would be better with perhaps just the word dandy somewhere. But a brilliant design nonetheless.

Néhérénia profile pic Artist

Thank you for your comments, I will remake this drawing with a smaller text and better adapted: D


i agree that he doesn't need to say that he is a dandy. his manner of dress bespeaks that he is a dandy. as for dandies in the 18th century, that was the haute couture, and homosexuality is a modern concept. it meant someone concerned with appearances and if we consider that to be effete now, it's only because of oscar wilde and his trial and the connotations of past fashion trends such as lace and high heeled shoes for men. in other news though, i love dandies and fops and i would enjoy a shirt with a foppish or rakish raven.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

Someone had to say it

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