(dandelions) The Birth of the Umbrella

Design by r.c.davidson

(dandelions) The Birth of the Umbrella by r.c.davidson on Threadless
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Hey eveyone, i'm Ryan. I realized I did not write anything.This is my first design on Threadless. I put quite a few hours into it, I hope it shows. Inspirations for the shirt would have to be M.C. Escher with some Banksy thrown in. Hope you like it...


HelloO! It's really nice, luv it :) i'd wear it ;)


umbrellas...maybe there should be only two steps


either barcode and dandelion, or dandelion and umbrella


Ryan, those are two of my favorite artist! Great design, too! $5$

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there is a lot fighting for attention....but you have a really creative mind so i know you will come up with even better stuff if you simplify a bit. Great illo though.

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I appreciate all the advice everyone. I guess I should have done the critique forum first, I was very excited and jumped the gun... I will try again. Thanks everyone!


I don't see the Escher in this, sorry. I like the idea over all, but I have to agree that there are 1 to many steps going on conceptually here and that just takes away from what is good about each combination individually. Good work though.

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I did some rework on this design to simplify and posted it in the critique forum. I know some of you like the umbrella element over the barcode, but there is already a similar design posted. My original design idea was just the dandelion barcode, the umbrellas were an afterthought. Some feedback would be very much appreciated. http://www.threadless.com/critique/64475/Dandecode


i like the trancition from dandelion to umbrella, that a great idea

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