Dance to the Explosion

Design by o0olaalaa

Dance to the Explosion by o0olaalaa on Threadless
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the cut n paste kinda ruins it... 1

o0olaalaa profile pic Artist

the point of it is for the guys to look the same. you know how when people do performances and they have the same positions? yea.


this picture worries me for the safety of the children. maybe if there were dancing girls as well?


I'd like it better if you got rid of the kids and added more dancers. the kids are cute but it looks like a different shirt to me. I love the dancers/explosion subject. Yeah, put more dancers doing different leaps.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

this made me laugh for days... because all i could think about were stunt men being thrown by an explosion and that was the pose they took. JAZZ HANDS!


It's a lesson in firecrackers. Lol.

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