Dance Mat Tragedy 2

Design by eskimokiss

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  • 2.48 Avg Score
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veeeery cool.. nice leftfield idea

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

This was a rushed submission to get it in on time before the deadline. Generally when I rush submissions I later think of great ways of improving the design (and/or colour combos).
Here's a link for alternate colour combinations and an added outline to the design:


haha . can't beat a dead horse!


great image!!! and clever buttons ;)


i think it's awesome, but i think it would be better (and funnier) slightly tweaked as a non-high-voltage entry.... i picture a stylized pen-tool zebra standing in front of a DDR machine just staring down at it in a confused fashion.

i still give it a 5 though. nice job.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

thanks for the feedback folks

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