Daily Grind'scape -Take 2

Design by mezo

Daily Grind'scape -Take 2 by mezo on Threadless
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by the way, this would HAVE to be printed on brown. it looks so smooth.


Much better resub. I must go fly a kite now.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I actually like the khaki shirt, though the brown is good. Can I say I love the way you presented this. Very nice.

Now back to the office to live this image...

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

awesome job! 5 + buy

slaterock profile pic Alumni

umm, i think(and I could be wrong here), that the string in the girls design is supposed to be contouring with the girls pose. It's drawn to look like it would on a shirt, with someone wearing it, standing like that. I do agree that the curving one looks nice, but I don't think it was intentional. Artist, what say ye?


it probably isn't necessary to make the string curve, since it will curve naturally when you wear the shirt. :)

nice job.


i don't leave comments but i have found true love.


ooooooooh i adore it! adore! adore! adore!


please tell me this is getting printed cuz i want it so bad so amazing dude

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