Dahlis skull

Design by tayjay

Dahlis skull by tayjay on Threadless
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Drew Lettner

I really think the concept is interesting, but I feel like the execution is not quite where is needs to be; I would add some more elements in there to bring out the skull in a more organic manner


oh yeah!

tayjay profile pic Artist

thank you all for your feedback!


Really nice but it'd be interesting to see you take it further, maybe think about depth. Because if this were an animation of flowers growing into a skull, it would be awesome, but what you have is just one of the earlier frames. Show us the last one. That's the one that'll be the sweetest. Also, not sure about the gray shirt, too bland for your image.

Looking forward to seeing your future submissions.


I like the idea, I've never though of seeing a skull design with this type of style. The watercolor feel is a nice touch. Overall very nice!

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