Cutter Fish

Design by bortwein

Cutter Fish


Luke... profile pic Alumni

aye, aye, capn' bones
avast ye maties, she's a fine ship, but wat be dat der smell........:)
nice choice of colors....and great detail...

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Nice job on all the details, bortwein! I dig the green one the most, though charcoal is pretty sweet, too. Good luck!


LOVE this, especially on the slate color. This rules.


Well done, bortwein. For the shirt color, I vote for slate.

loglow profile pic Alumni

One of your best, mate--$5!

Ava Adore

yep. clever. very nice.

bortwein profile pic Artist

Woah there Amy, settle down. Welcome to Threadless, a place where All Caps is rude.

I disagree with you that "The Design and the tee are one big design not 2 separate things!". The design is flexible to accommodate any one of those color choices, so that is how I presented it. I limit my picks to my favorite 4 color shirts, and this proves to be popular because it gives the viewer the chance to give their opinion on what shirt color they wish for it to print on. It's a sort of Marketing/Design focus group. I then take this into account and I would then suggest that be the color for the final print. As you can see the main image is set on Slate which would be my main pick for the design.

PS. for have been "doing design for a decade now", you should really Spell Check your comments a bit more often. I fixed your error here in my response.


This one is fabulous. I don't even like it for the pun, I just love the image. I agree, slate takes the cake.


Please choose dark grey for the colour of the tee, i hope it will be printed it's beautiful !


Slate for sure. I don't think it needs the water lines on it. No water and I'd buy it for sure


What a creative use of fish bones! I'd buy this for sure - any colour, any time.


Yeah, What a nice way, dude!!

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