Cute kitty attacks!

Design by queenmob

Cute kitty attacks! by queenmob on Threadless
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queenmob profile pic Artist

This is inspired by the japanese sculpture Maneki Neko, the “Beckoning Cat”. It’ supposed to bring luck to the owner andI think the sculptures are super cute.

I have this story in my head about a guy who thinks the bigger the Maneki Neko the bigger the luck! But then his invention comes out of hand, and the consequences are devastating! And who could shoot a giant, cute kitty?! The world is doomed!


Haha good story and nice illustration!!

T-Lou profile pic Alumni

i agree with timpaint - the leg needs to be a bit more oversized...

but i think this is cool anyway! i love maneki's.


That's a great shirt, and you lots of really nice stuff on your website.


Love it! Good job!

queenmob profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!
Threadless keeps me doing illustrations and keeps me trying to improve. I hope one day I will hit the "jackpot" :-)


Nice : )


They should try giving the kitty some treats or milk to calm her down.. lol love the kitty's blank stare like she doesn't know what she's doing. :D Nice designs you got there.

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