Cute girls love yellow notebook paper.

Design by Robsoul

Cute girls love yellow notebook paper. by Robsoul on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Artist

The text says: "cute girls like yellow notebook paper" (the title of this submission), a useless phrase, but when I originally sketched the face it was on yellow notebook paper and the phrase just popped out.

Whether you just want to wipe your ass with the yellow notebook paper or actually dig the shirt, please throw down your comments, I respect your opinions and all are appreciated. Thanks.


i've been reading these and clique always has very unconstructive, crappy comments. i like the idea and all...i just don't know if i would buy it. the placement is a bit odd.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I've seen quite a few comments regarding the placement and I just wanted to chime in.

First off, I did not want the image square in the center, it works for a lot of images but I could not see it working for this particular image. Therefore, I pushed it to the right of the shirt and angled it, throwing the bottom corner of the image out to the middle of the shirt. If you were wearing an unzipped jacket or something, that corner would being sticking out and grabbing the curiosity of and neighbours?

I went through various setups. One setup involved having the image at the same angle and off to the right of the shirt but dropping off at the bottom/bleeding off the bottom, so the image (just the bottom portion of the yellow paper) would be cropped. I obviously didn't go that route but it's definitely another option.

The comments have been great so far, keep em coming. I up against some stiff competition, there are some great submissions, be sure to check them all out. Thanks.

cintrao profile pic Alumni

Don't really like this design's color, placement, concept... but the girl's face has potencial, maybe you could explore the drawn line aspect, it seems you've got a good hand for it. And work harder on the concept, even if it's just a wierd concept only you and your friends understand, it doesn't matter, create with a purpose. Otherwise it's just a nice draw you did.

Unless... it is a very powerfull draw that looks like it was made for a purpose...and makes everyone who sees it go: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! In that case nevermind the theory about concept, and embrace the wonders of spontaneous artistic creation. peace!


i really like it but it needs better placement

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