Cut Cut Cut !

Design by Karnaf

Cut Cut Cut ! by Karnaf on Threadless
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It's interesting i like the samurai man with the sword it's a gread drawing of him, i'm not so sure ab out the food though, could do with a better drawing of the salami. But it still rocks and love it on the blue! 4 for me


I don't like how the (salami) looks hollow where the eyes and other detail is. Maybe use another color in there. You have some to spare, no?

mezo profile pic Alumni

The samurai & wind-like lines surrounding him are A+ awesome. The salami looks like twat in comparison. With the style of your samurai, I'd like to see a more 'serious' concept. 3


Get rid of the sound effects and turn it into an onion.


I love the onomatopoeia. Not sure about the samurai. Hmm, I'm seeing a trend crazy spelling of themes in your illustration! Diphthongs!


blue spots in a hot dog ?


Fantastic design. Love it. But I'd change the samurai's outfit to white, then change the fat in the sausage to white as well. Then you could put the thing on any color shirt. 5$


Reminds me of that really old SNL skit with the samurai working at the deli. Anyway, like it, not sure about the text.

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