cupid as a girl - maxim

Design by pweye

cupid as a girl - maxim by pweye on Threadless
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franx profile pic Alumni

this is pretty rad. one of the best in this contest, good job.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Agree with psychodance, definitely influenced by Goodall's work but it's still incredible, has it's own unique thing happening unless I've missed one of Goodall's models holding a bow like that. 5+ buy for sure, like the pink on brown... fucking blows my submissions away ;-)

pweye profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments.
psychodance - yes I admit it is influenced by Jasper Goodall but it is not a 'copy'. The style might be 'a bit' Goodall but I hope it is not 'too' Goodall. And Robsoul- thanks for your comment and no, the idea is entirely unique.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

To quote Gaughin, art is either plagarism or revolution. We don't see much revolution anywhere on this site, so I guess a few influences must be allowed. It's a strong design with good use of color (a bit of orange on the left side would've guided your eye there a bit better) and it's certainly something I could see anyone, not just the 100 hot mommas, wearing. Nice work.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

The dark version is sweet.


The best!



The pose seems familiar, but I really like it. The colors are fabulous!

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