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Seamus McClernan

As Crackhead Bob would say; "Dis is dawesome! Dodally dawesome!!"

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

This is crazy design! You are very talented!
But it's too gore to wear i think, but it's still awesome design dude!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

That is the craziest use of 4 colours I've seen on threadlessever!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

You are one talented mofo. The illustration is awesome although I'm not sure if I'm gonna wear it.

aled profile pic Alumni

Woo hoo. This is going to have a lot of comments. Amazing illustration.

Edword profile pic Alumni

Amazing illo!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Welcome to the Threadless club. Thanks for becoming an instant leader. This shit rules!


holy shit... amazing use of color.

steven218 profile pic Alumni


staffell profile pic Alumni

fucksocks! howjoododat??

The Ending

the detail!!!!!! and only 4 colours!!!!!!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

and it shows .. you can barely tell you were limited

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Holy moly! It's nothing I'd wear personally, but it's the finest use of five colours I've seen in a long time!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Wow nice work on the reflections.


Why are there so many good subs today? huh? Is it Good Sub Wednesday or something?



Shazam ! What an amazing first submission to Threadless ! ! !
What an amazing submission period.

aled profile pic Alumni

Please don't :(


ray rules you all.

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

wow, you are very talented


Nice work. bitch.

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Bizarre but beautiful. Seems a little far fetched for this particular contest in my personal opinion, but amazing work. Still a 5 and a definite print. Can't wait to see more of your work.


you don't see how an art deco-inspired genetically modified monster fits the theme of art deco-inspired city with genetically modified monsters in it?

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

i love the stuff you show on YH
glad to see you on here now too!


hot damn! beautiful! 5$! ...!


what everyone else said :)

Jebs profile pic Alumni

your skills are impressive, i go forward and wait at your next subs ;-) The subject is not something that touch me but, i give you a 5 for the beautiful illustration. (with a strong concept, i'll $ you without a doubt)


Holy crispy crap! This is not something I'd personally wear, but it's incredible!

Slinkey Binky

oh my god! that is totally insane!!!!

herky profile pic Alumni

amazing illustration and shading/highlights, top notch execution.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

great shading work there! it's not really something i could see myself wearing, but seriously, mindblowing work. 5


No offense, but I hate this.


This is scary yet awesome. $5


It's an amazing use of four colors and certainly a fantastic illustration, but it just isn't something I'd wear. Looks more like it should be airbrushed on a truck's tailgate.


you people can't count.


You're right...that blue is slightly different from the shirt color. So there are 5 colors.

melh696 profile pic Alumni

the detail blows my mind.


i think Red & Skurk probably hit the nail on the head. ray you rule.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i see a superskrull in a meat grinder - pretty sweet plus I would wear

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

intense! love the shading and hilights


Love it on the blue! FIVE ALL THE WAY!


Holy god. I wouldn't wear it, but that's an amazing illustration. Kudos.


Wow man!!! First sub too.... I think it completely befits the theme of the comp.... absolutely brilliant.

finkenstein profile pic Alumni



This art is most mind blowingly brilliant.
I think however a different shirt colour.


Or actually a grey or silver, black would kill the wicked outline.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

Lucky you! First sub, Fantabulously done!

Ava Adore

that is absolutely insane! awesome work.
can't wait to see more.


speechless.. the shadings just made my eyes stare at it. great. 5$


Not my style, but amazing color use. My color alarm went right off, but it was wrong.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

holy painstaking execution batman! Supersweet.


oh yeahhh

sonmi profile pic Alumni

you are insane!


Exquisitely disgusting. I could have some fun traumatising the people at school with this... However, probably wouldn't buy, as it would look weird over boobs.

littlem's just wow. :P

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Alumni

I just wanted to say that this one is very well executed, but it just rubs me the wrong way. I am not a fan of the style. Great job on it though.

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

obviously you are very talented... and i mean very talented... i just don't see myself wearing though... but by far one of the best illustrators i've seen on here

aled profile pic Alumni

Wow. I didn't see that score coming. Well - your technique is spot on. There's no question about that - it's a case of customising your content. I don't want to blow any trumpets, but you're technically, easily one of the best artists here. Despite the low score, you really announced your arrival at Threadless with this sub :)


wtf @ 1.78
could this very well be the lowest scored design ever to win? i think so. it fits the theme perfectly and is perfectly exectuted.

the average threadless voter must be retarded.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

WhaT!!! I thought you got the highest man, maybe you'll get it soon most people are just scared to wear it, but I like it anyway, I want to wear one of your deasigns when you'll have one on print, i love seeing more aggressive, kick ass designs like yours =)

Edword profile pic Alumni

I know it won't be as high as it should be, but it should have at least broken 2 on execution alone.


Yeah, people don't seem to know how to vote on designs.

The way I see it, the number score should be about the quality, execution, and maybe how well it fits the contest (if it is in one). Then you check whether or not you'd buy it.

Eight of my nine submissions have scored better than this one, and I don't come anywhere near this level of illustration skill. It just doesn't really seem fair.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Penguinx (aka Ray),

In your stay here in Threadless, I have 1 and only 1 wish:

kick twin's Predicament's ass off the highest score throne.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

I DO believe this score is rather low, however not completely off-base. People are voting on designs, scoring them in regards as to whether or not they would want to wear them on a shirt, and honestly, this isn't the type of thing you would typically find on a tee(or want to wear around town), so I'm not completely surprised by the score. I think once Penguinx adapts to the type of content scores well here, he will get printed.

Long story short - cool execution, poor design/content for a tee. Will get printed eventually.

staffell profile pic Alumni


d3d profile pic Alumni

wow, my 5 really went to waste. sorry about that. good luck anyway.

dacat profile pic Alumni

It goes to show, cute designs score higher here in general, though this is technically better than thousands of designs. Stay true Penguinx, you'll most certainly win without having to do food with faces!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Ray. Try not to be disheartened man. You have a brilliant style here man, and just need to apply it to what the masses will want to wear. Best of luck with the next one's man. Look forward to seeing more from you.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni

Mr. Ray... maybe you should design more smooth. I think you have a GREAT potential submission in the future.

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

wow, i thought this was going to break at least 2.5, i'm really disappointed. mmmm... i am baffled now


I've checked out your work and I really liked this on....I think your style is truly awesome.. A 1.78 is bullsh**

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