Crustacean Undercover

Design by briancook

Crustacean Undercover by briancook on Threadless
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...i prefer the non-text version, nice work!


Every time I see one of your submissions, it makes me happy. Love you. Love your work. Love you and your work. Superb. 5$


keep the today's special, lose the rest of the text

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks for the suggestions and positive comments. Keep 'em coming!

UnseiligheSidhe - I like what you said about the text adding urgency. I agree about keeping just the "Today's Special"


no text, 5

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the fives! I'm glad to hear everyone's input on the text as well. Please keep it up.

briancook profile pic Artist

LOL white_hat, except this is the real thing, none of that Spongebob junk.

Thanks to all your input regarding the text. It should be ending soon, it's your last chance to put in your two cents.

Thanks again, everybody!

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