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creepiest clock

Design by apartment223

creepiest clock by apartment223 on Threadless
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I think is is a really cool design.


Definitely creepy! The cuckoo clock (minus the creepy critters) looks exactly like one we had when I was a kid. Hmm.


The colors are AWESOME! I want this. 5$.


the spider, the cat's..horn?, and the squirrel's back, could use some other colors mixed in, they stand out as really flat beside everything else. But I freaking love the colors and stylization and..I dunno, the scribbly way the colors are put on. Very cool. And seriously creepy.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Crazy chipmunk/squirrel/rodent on the upper left is brilliant and could stand on his own (the eyes are awesome). The image as a whole really looks like throw up you'd see on the ground at a carnival. Too many characters, too much color shifting....just too much.


interesting detail here and definitely 5$ worth!

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