Creation of a Fan

Design by Pifman

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secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

very very cool. 5$ as is, but i'd love to see it with the cracked distressed look of an old painting.

azrielen profile pic Alumni

I like it! Yeah, it's a tad homoerotic. But that makes me like it more! Woo woo.


I agree that these guys need eyes. It just seems like a cop out not to draw faces anymore.


a little faggy...the dudes look like theyre in love.


and yes, the original does make God and Adam look gay.


Very neat! Once I figured out what the other guy was sitting on my likeing for it increased ten-fold.


Rockin! Very nice reinterpretation


5 as-is. i'd score it higher than 5 if the "fan" was dressed more like a concertgoer and/or it had the crackly look mentioned.

very good idea, very well done, my best compliments. thanks for a cool design.

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