Cream clouds all around you

Design by Pipsqueack

Cream clouds all around you by Pipsqueack on Threadless
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Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

First submission here on threadless! 8 colors on to turquoise. This design was inspired by the awesome work of Esao Andrews, one of my favourite artist. In particular by the front and back covers of Circa Survive's On Letting Go, that he realized for them. Here you can take an insight of this masterpiece. Or if you want to see an High quality detail of my tee, click Here Thank to Torakamikaze and Daniellesgarden for providing suitable materials for the submission. And thanks to everyone is giving an opprtunity to this tee!

And now.. Music advice of the day (here in Italy it's 8 pm, dunno what time do you have there!) The Dear Hunter - Red Hands

Good morning, good afternoon and good night, ladies and misters.


sweet, like it

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

It's uuup! Thank you Makatha for scoring!

NGee profile pic Alumni

Nice use of space, though I'd like to have seen the shadow follow the shape of the cloud as thugh it's 3D.

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Like this? Well the clouds had been a big problem from the beginning. And the critique didn't helped me so much. Thank you for scoring and commenting!


no...more like: the shadow on the cloud is flat but it should be bumpy because of the clouds uneven surface. bothered me too. apart from that: great first sub! like the balloon a lot!

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Sure. I'll rework the entire design if this one don't do well. I'll need to work hard on the effect you describe, for I have no idea of how do this. Thank Sausage! And thank you Dragon. I have seen your design, and I also voted it. I'll left a comment directly there. Nobody is critiquing the music I've chosen. Should I think that you have a musical taste perfect as mine? Derrrr :p

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Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Thank folks!

mitchellp profile pic Alumni


Stereomode profile pic Alumni

cool!! nice use of space


The shadow doesn't bother me too much and I really like the Fabregé (forgive my spelling) Egg look of the ballon!

Nice First Sub!

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

I didn't think about the Faberge (forgive my spelling too) but yeah, it looks like one of that eggs. Cool! Thank guys for continuing the scoring! I'm safe about the "design finished your scoring early" thing?

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Thanks! I've loved your turtleburger!

fikri profile pic Alumni

i love the colors..


Great work. :)

Ma Bell



i like the bright colors, and the cute little guy, you should put him somewhere in this design like standing on the ground and saying something, or whatever.

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. You're fantastic. Cookie, I've decided that the name of the cute little guy is Zuz, in honor of your 5. Thank you very much! I think he doesn't fit very well in this design, but maybe i'll use him in the next submissions. Who know.

Continue scoring guys!

Edu Lobo

really cool!!


This is a cute style. I love it just as it is. I'd wear it :)

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Thank you for scoring and commenting :)

phraze profile pic Alumni

Up Up and away!! Nice summery t-shirt

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

It could be a good name, Phraze. Better than the actual, anyway. Thank you for giving an eye!


But I've already voted for this!

Pipsqueack profile pic Artist

Grazie! Purtroppo non ha ricevuto un voto altissimo.. ma per una prima maglietta va bene così ;) Ora sto lavorando su un paio di nuove magliette, passa a dare un'occhiata quando le metterò su! Comunque, leggo che sei nuovo! Se hai bisogno d'aiuto per template migliori, presentazioni, o semplicemente consigli, fai un fischio!

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