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everything profile pic Artist

This state of the art 1980's radio/headphone combo delivers the lowest sound quality possible! Every bad song is instantly made worse through the patented 'sour lemon' speakers.

check my profile for a bigger view of the magical, static enhancing wonders.

(the bottom text is not part of the tee!)


omg i'm in love, ehehehe


haha i thought it was the lemonheads

Savage Companion

I don't care about the music just keep these hideous clothes from coming back!

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

mid 80s fashion is far better than late 80s early 90s fashion...from 88-93 it was the worst!...these headphones remind me of 70s am-radio .


I remember the 80s and really awful hair, polyester clothing and dadada music. Thanks for a great laugh! I'd buy this.


I love it!

Bev Crab

thats all they really waaant, thats all they really waaant.
oh girls just want to have fuun ohhh girls just want to have fun.
ill take two please!555


i'd rock these babies! probably smell good too...

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