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unHEARDof profile pic Artist

inspired by those old school horror movie posters!

macdoodle profile pic Alumni
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unless you add something to make it look more like a tribute to horror films it just looks like some girl is about to get raped.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

eh this shirt kinda says, "I love strangling women!"

unHEARDof profile pic Artist

i dont see whats so wrong about this shirt i mean yeah its a guy choking a woman, i mean people watch even more fucked up shit on the internet and in movies so i dont see whats wrong...

zackOlantern profile pic Alumni

Call me old-fashioned, but choking a woman while wearing a gas mask seems a little intense...it's not ironic enough to be an homage to B-movie horror films

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I swear I just saw this same exact design a week or two ago...

Regardless, I still don't like it. There's nothing artistic or ironic about wearing misogyny on a shirt.


natalie portman?

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

yeah! choke that bitch!

This shirt screams "I have never seen a live woman naked"

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

I dont think that's how you do cpr

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