Courage Is What You Need

Design by airdeh

Courage Is What You Need by airdeh on Threadless
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like the compo


Awesome design! 5!


Very cool design, great work. 5 Please vote for mine if you have a moment Her Name Was Death


Love it!


awesome, i like your style 5

MartinK. profile pic Alumni

That's great!

Jai Deliete

The two inter-cut designs work really well together, but I can't help but think that the bottom design (The skull and words) are a LOT stronger than the overlay (Also, theoretical upper back) lion design. If I had a choice, I would definitely prefer just whatever you designed that's being obscured by the slices of lion. Especially since it isn't a lion skull -- or, at least, those sure aren't lion teeth.

In particular, I don't too much care for the lion's eyes, and I LOVE the idea of those words on a banner covering a skull's eye sockets. The stylization of the "bottom" design really works for it, which I'm not really feeling is the case for the "top" design.

Very sorry to disparage any of your hard work, but I 100% believe there is a complete, amazing design biding its time under the lion's face. I think maybe you tried to get too complex with this.

airdeh profile pic Artist

Thanks for the support guys! :D

& Jai Deliete, thank you very much for your thoughts and critique! I do agree that I may have tried to get too complex with the design because I thought it would give off a stronger feel for the concept and a more interesting and 'experimental' composition as compared to the usual half-and-half face design or two separate illustrations on the front and back of the shirt.

To interweave both of the contrasting illustrations while showing the full lion on the back in the case of the shirt was to tell the audience that the courage and strength that the lion possesses is inside of us, sometimes hidden. :)

Of course, I do see where you are coming from and personally, and having to cover the details of the skull illustration was a little stab to my heart as well. Hahah.

But well, to sate your heart a little, here's the standalone design without the cut:

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