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ive seen almost this exact design submitted before....

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darkrose> well, i'm french, i do'nt know all the designs on threadless, and just look at my gallery, you will see that i never copy anybody (what satisfaction would i have?) ;-)

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rookee2006> Thank you very much! That's what i love in threadless, people like you who make comments that touch me, sincerely (drawing and creating is a pleasure in itself, that's the point) ;-)

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lemonalle> ok thanks ;-) but the idea is of course not a genius one, so i am not surprised to see that someone did it before...anyway, if people want to think that i copied it, they are wrong, because making a copy of a deisgn that is already in the same site is dumb no?


what does being french have to do with knowing the designs?


i'd drop the heart ideas if i were you. they've all been done before.

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spidersprinter> stay calm , i am here :-D what i meant is that i don't come on threadless, as a stranger, (not so good in english lol) to submit ideas that i saw here, because i would lose all the credits (and that would be normal), now, i won't fight: believe me or not, i didn't copy, and i won't speak about it anymore, that's useless, because that's all about my words (but just look at the other heart submission i made a few days ago, i made a series, that's all) . longlivequeequeg>first, i wrote "eternal coupon" (something like that, i meran, in french, but in english, i was not sure about the terms, so i let it empty ;-) )


i love it with all of my heart


it looks more like a squid than a heart.


also, the heart is in the center of the chest, not off to the left. If you're going to position it to the left, don't use an anatomical heart.


Rob Dobi printed this shirt years ago. Hearts have been done to death.

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