Counting Sheep Again

Design by SweetCera

Counting Sheep Again by SweetCera on Threadless
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im all about the sheep tees
but this one just seems alittle too elementary for me.


wasn't a counting sheep shirt just printed?


yes...clean it up


no text? also i think the style of fence at the left should go all the way across. cute sheep tho!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

so is this just one color (white) printed on a black shirt? If so, what the hell is all that other garbage in the background? I'm SHOCKED this wasn't declined because of all that crap in back. And then the greyish box that shows up on the placement of a black shirt?

Sorry. But this is very very sloppy.

SweetCera profile pic Artist

awww... don't be mean.

i actually drew it by hand because i can't draw in photoshop. i'm awful at it. and i scanned it in and cleaned it up. i didn't know i could pick other tee colors for it to go on.
i didn't want to take art from other places and just photoshop filter them. that seemed wrong.

SweetCera profile pic Artist

and it is my first design submission on it. so i was really just curious that i'd even get accepted.

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