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spencer fruhling
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1) a close similarity, connection, or equivalence
2) communication by exchanging letters with someone

Each stamp corresponds with the one proceeding it. See if you can connect them, step by step, from one hand to the other.


lost me at cave man. neat idea and well done


love the colour and stamp idea, good work! Spencer! 5

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Great fun to do, but as a shirt it doesn't really do anything for me. But as a puzzle in GAMEs magazine, i'd be all about this one!

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

It reads zig-zagged. The numbers and color pattern, and slightly diagonal middle section are a clue.

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

So the bat comes after the caveman (they both live in caves).


Okay. I totally got everything until broom to milkshake to hand. That I didn't get.
But I still think it's awesome.


very fun design and concept, great graphics too. (I spent 10 minutes connecting all the stamps/icons).

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

That works, but I was thinking: a broken leg, then a heart (another body part that can be broken)


i like this a lot. a lot. $5


simply great

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

Spoiler Alert:

The hand wears a ring that's also the sound a phone makes, which is the thing E.T. needs, who rides on a bike, which has wheels, the first of which was made by a caveman, who lives in a cave like a bat does, which sounds the same as the baseball variety, which can also be used to break guy's legs, like how a heart can be broken too, which there is a Queen of, which is also the name of a band fronted by Freddie Mercury, whose last name is a substance in thermometers, which deals with temperature like a thermos does, which is commonly seen in a packed lunch with a sandwich, which sounds like witch, which rides a broom, which has straw in it like a milkshake, which "shakes" like a hand. The two hands are joined.

Phewf. Hope that makes sense.


Some of those connections are a bit of a stretch, lol. Also it might behove you to use arrows rather than incremental number increase in the stamps (or in addition to). I completely ignored the numbers and tried to read it like a book. I couldn't follow why Freddy Mercury was akin to a caveman. But definitely a unique concept.


Ooh, okay!


reminds me of a soul coughing song. or the sesame street 5 times table


love,but the orange color seems strange. i made the connections pretty easily. very fun!


i spent forever trying to work out what a caveman and freddie mercury have in common until i realised. your t-shirt has taken too many minutes of my life, but i like it :)

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

There's also a nod to Google in the color pattern: blue, red, yellow, blue, geeen, red.


its fanstastic! the simple, but clean and effective illustrations would make it easy to see on a shirt as well


who cares how well it connects - thats half the fun! It looks amazing. Again great design.


What the fuck are people moaning at? It has Freddy Mercury on it! Get your credit card out.

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