Corporate Takeover

Design by eskimokiss

Corporate Takeover by eskimokiss on Threadless
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I wish I was as creative as you :(
You're so fricken awesome

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like the illustration in it's parts, but I don't know if I get it as a whole. Centered on the natural looks good too. Overall it is very interesting.


Good call kidv2, that's what I thought of too...I like the brown colour and placement better.


Very menacing hands, like the replacement of the head, but what you've replaced it with, whilst pretty, means nada. It's like "yeah, I had a message to say, but when it came down to it, I just wantred the pretty".
Pretty it is, but can't you do SOMETHING with the head? Even a decayed globe, whilst being a total cliche, at least would mean something - and you've given it a politcal title, after all.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Ok looking back now. I think I like the head area or your profile image as it has been refered, on the brown. But only that part. I think it has the same appeal to me as the shirt "Whale vs Giant Squid" .


holy crap, awesome.

i love the brown shirt & colors, but i prefer the graphic centered!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I so love the brown. More than you know. 5$ for the brown.

Ava Adore

yep excellent as your usual designs, very very nice 5/$

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Thanks all.


Oh my goodness. This is amazing. Best of luck to you, I really hope this gets printed!

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