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Corner Chair

Design by jrmasm

Corner Chair by jrmasm on Threadless
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My couch looks almost exactly like that.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Kind of bland? The window is really odd, and because the sofa has to face it, the sofa looks odd, too.


agree with scooby on the curtain thing. everything else is great. It might look better with the chair facing out more (toward the viewer)

cheripoffs profile pic Alumni

the way you've illustrated the chair is tremendous, i'm not sure about the whole image though, maybe apply that style to something else.


i think i'd get it just because my dog looks like that and sits just there on the couch being a lazy bum- though it is sort of weird on a shirt

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

I love the texture of the sofa, which contrasts the valance nicely. I love how the dog stands out as a focal point! Great job! 5$

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments. I fussed over the window. But that's how it is. The chair sits askew. I guess I was going for a mood rather then technical perfection. But now that you all mention it though, it does look a little odd. Good call Mary Lou it's a rat terrier named Freddie.


5 color?


I'd like to see something besides plain white in the window, if only a few streaks of the background color. As it is, it pulls focus away from the beautiful detail in the rest of the design.

Love the way this turns the "limitation" of four colors into a plus--saving two colors just for the dog really makes it pop (or would, once that window is broken up a bit).


I agree that the window either needs to have something in it, or should maybe be removed so that the focus is on the lovely dog and chair...


I love the couch and the dog and I really like the valence "fabric"....maybe you could just make the window smaller to satisfy the balance people? great colors


i love the style, i just think you've yet to hit the jackpot idea-wise. it's commmin', though. i can feel it. ;) 4.

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