Corn chips hurt coming out

Design by bananaphone

Corn chips hurt coming out by bananaphone on Threadless
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so is it a he-she or something

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Yes thats what threadless needs more of, more tshirts that follow the same formula as all the other tshirts that other people have already done.


Not that it matters, but just a suggestion. I wouldn't submit so many designs in one week. You leave your designs as a nice surprise each week. You don't want us to get sick of them do you?


Banana phone! Take a vacation! Stop making really dumb drawings!


i think this would be a good conversation starter - who doesn't love discussing the intricate details of a good tuck job?

however, bananaphones really missed a golden opportunity to give us his artistic rendering of genitalia.

for that, i am very very sad.
but, i'm sure he can whip one out by tomorrow.


Is this conversation gonna happen with every Matt Giraffe sub?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

hahaha i think meowmissi and rudra possibly "get it"


You know, the others were....odd, but this one is just bad, and gross, and makes me cringe. But I guess that's what you were going for, so congratulations.


I guess Threadless is just letting these through for entertainment.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

It's a joke. Apparently you are a little slow. But trust me when I say, theres nothing I'd like more than a 14 year old boring person to stop hating me...

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

ludicrous louisa on Apr 11 '06
"Also, can I ask what was so offensive about RGB? That just means Red, Green and Blue, which are colours used in science. What about it?
Matt Giraffe, alias Bananaphone, along with Killerlamb has entered my list of people I hate."

hahahaha! sure, "science".

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