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Core of Truth by Maddog58 on Threadless
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Experimenting with an idea to reflect the core of my belief. Hope you enjoy the creative experiment. Metallic clear added to only the cross.

Frank Vice

its a cool design, but im afraid the text and cross will take away from the design for most people here....

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I love the comment about my beliefs on a t-shirt (awesome), oddly enough most shirts people wear demonstrate some sort of thought or emotion - even a smile. For those of you that want to bash this because of a cross, open up your eyes, crosses are used everywhere - be afraid be very afraid:)


I'm Pastafarian


Hey, why do you guys think you have to hold the same belief to appreciate the design??? Don't $ it if you aren't going to buy, but rate it for the quality of the design and its ability to portray meaning!

5 from a magickian.


ha.....i'm licking my lips...if there are who don like this design jus cse it uses a cross , take a look at..(
i became pretty incensed by that personally mostly cse people were so ignorant bout a symbol that holds a lot of meaning in this part of the world i am...Design is a lot more than an's dynamics go into peoples thoughts and subsequently emotions.

all the ranting done....really good artwork and design..i'd wear this.


Hey, why do you guys think you have to hold the same belief to appreciate the design???

you dont have to hold the same beliefs to appreciate a design, but on a website where the general community votes on what they want to PAY FOR and WEAR, those who don't hold the same beliefs are likely to score low.

whether the design is good or not, people need to take that into consideration when subbing on a site like this


if this had a big non-religious symbol in the middle of it (like a skull or whatnot) i'd 5 it for sure


I like the griffin lion

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

love the design swirls, not into the idea within the middle there. Try to make something that everyone could wear on this site, instead of narrowing your audience to Christians.


Well done, congratulations. i would buy that artwork for sure.


Who said a good design has to appeal to everyone? If it's not to your taste or beliefs, don't wreck it for the rest of us. If it's a nice piece of art, it deserves a high score.


at the end of the day, no one really cares about what other people wear. this is a nice design. $5


Theist and anti-theist agree it is a nice shirt.

How does that happen? Nice Gob!

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