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Nice. I agree with the 'smaller' comment. It feels immense. I like how you dealt with the cord. Many designs that have cord-like elements just have them go off the 'page' of the shirt with no consideration for printing.

bortwein profile pic Artist

About the Nitpick about the Paper:
The paper does match up just fine if you think through what happens to a paper shape like that when it is curled up. The edge you see there in the curl would match up with the corner of the pop not the stick. The Paper for the stick would be wrapped up into the curl out of sight.

So in short, the paper that matches up to the stick is not in view becasue it would be contained within the curl itself.

Ava Adore

great job


I like the idea and I think it's well executed. I TOTALLY GET IT, man!
And, by the way, I am NO rocket scientist. I'm just a dufus.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

Well drawn and well done! It totally looks like what it's supposed to look like...and i quote "I am NO rocket scientist. I'm just a dufus" < meeee toooooo


At first glance I thought it looked like a gun.

KillthePilot profile pic Alumni

a popsicle being ironed on to a shirt? Am i missing something

bortwein profile pic Artist

Nope, you got the idea for the most part. It's an Iron-on transfer of a Popsicle being ironed on to the shirt.


mmm, I just want to slurp it up and eat it before it gets too melty and falls off the stick!




The nitpick about the stick...
i agree that it would be curled up and hidden but should there not be more to the paper cos of the popsicle melting. or is that not meant to be 'the transfer' is it meant to look like the transfer is melting. if that makes any sense

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