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Conversation Evasion by Tim Phelan on Threadless
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Tim Phelan
Tim Phelan profile pic Artist

Parties must be wild and fast paced!

Sometimes you can get trapped into a dull conversation that can really dampen your fun. So here's an easy explained guide to escaping those awkward moments.

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

funny! :))

silverqe profile pic Alumni

Oh man, I wish your slides didn't keep changing, it's really hard to read everything so quickly. Still, I kept at it and I've decided that this is an excellently designed typography shirt and quite funny to boot, so you get a $5 from me. :)

YaaH profile pic Alumni

5 buy as a tee and as a print.
And my birthday cake is for you too ;D

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Nice work!!!

Tim Phelan
Tim Phelan profile pic Artist

Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

Really sorry about the slide change thing. Its really annoying me also.

I didn't think the submission would choose preference over the .swf file. Hope it doesn't ruin the presentation too much.


Haha! This is great! You did an amazing job of pairing each method with a graphic.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Great , make me laugh a lot.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

silverqe on Mar 09 '10
Oh man, I wish your slides didn't keep changing, it's really hard to read everything so quickly.

Yeah, it's kind of maddening because of the extreme amount of typo, haha. No probs tho, this strikes me as a fun Specners poster more than a shirt, good luck to you tho.

Soffronia profile pic Alumni

Great work!

BOTERIO profile pic Alumni

good idea!




The concept is brilliant, and I love this vintage ad style and colors!


i love the typography and colour pallet most! the nerdiness is comforting. haha


I like it a lot. I agree about the spencer's poster, but what completely saves it and moves it back up is that you can wear this AT a party and then anyone pulling any of these maneuvers will be completely psyched out by the shirt. Good form!


wish it was up a bit longer so I could read everything at one time..nice idea though and pretty good execution. can't wait to see more from you

Tim Phelan
Tim Phelan profile pic Artist

Thanks couch potato and hungry pencil. Really appreciate the 5.

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