Control the Season

Design by the Sleeping Sky

Control the Season by the Sleeping Sky on Threadless
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the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Artist

Inside its late fall: Regular 1 color ink.
Outside its spring/summer: UV ink.
In the dark, snowy winter: Glow ink.

Hope you guys like it :)


Fantastic idea for a shirt! Reminds me of an idea I always wanted to do, paint a bedroom with the same tree on each wall in different seasons. Now if this gets printed, I can take it with me everywhere!

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Artist

Yay its up!!

thanks for your kind words so far!


I like the snow glow idea!! nice and simple $4


This concept rock! I don't personally wear UV or glow t-shirts, but I'm gonna score this high!


I MUST HAVE THIS!!! i live in th uk and would be more than willing to pay the extra p+p for this. 5$ ;D

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

i love this!! so cute

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

perfect. I want to wear this EVERYWHERE!!!! :D
big 5$ from me

bengineer profile pic Alumni

cool, $5




Aww, man. This would be an awesome shirt.


Please reprint! I really want it!

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