connections of an extralarge with pepperoni

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this is a design to think, all of us are connected, by likes, by meanings, by actions, imagine what would have happened if the guy asking? the extralarge pizza had not been able to call, and the guy chatting had, maybe the delivering pizza guy would have never met with the woman, and then the most beautiful connection would have never grown? connection by meanings: pizza, conecctions, skateboard, lost "travel connection" to the tower of pizza. the pizza comes from italy...
i dont know why im sending this, just tell me what do you think about the idea. thanks.

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I like the thought you put into this design and the original way you used thr gmail colors to illustrate your point, but the diagram kind of olds into itself a bit too much and doesn't really look all that good in tee form. It's more of a hang on the wall piece than something that instantly grabs you on a shirt.

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