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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

ooooooo i liked the original this makes my head tingle with awesome feelings

beesneak profile pic Alumni

When this first popped up, I thought to myself.....(I think flying mouse already did this:)


I'm bothered that "hear" isn't a noun. Which might make me the biggest dork ever.

I do remember that someone complained about the "-ing," so I'll get over it. Very cool.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Saw the first draft of this & was not a fan...but gotta say, my mind is changed now that there's color added. Effective! 5


better the second time round... awesome!


winner winner chicken dinner!

Darkie profile pic Alumni

Nice job, would like to see "sound" instead of "hear' though


This is good!
Colors are nice!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comment about the "Hear" and "Sound", I think Threadless will change it if they decide to print this. Sorry about my poor english.

Keep voting for me if your like this design, thanks:)

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I liked the first version, but thats' nice with colors too!

herky profile pic Alumni

I like how you incorporated the "google" colors into the design, nice work.


"sound" change. very nice though :)


very nicely done!

aled profile pic Alumni

Brilliant work, mate. The words can be altered to the correct tense for continuity.

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

i begin to think that you are not human, FM. You are drawing monster with 8 hands and 2 heads! 5 and RM :D

jet approves

i like this version too. the colors are sweet.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Instead of changing "hear" to "sound" I'd change "sight" to "see". Then it all flows as verbs: hear, taste, see, touch and smell. I'm not sure if taste is interpreted in the cerebellum but I'm impressed that for the rest of the senses, you've hilighted the actual areas of the brain that are used to interpret the various stimuli.

She Says So

this is pretty wicked.


Why is the cerebellum highlighted for Taste? If anything it'd be much more of an olfactory lobe thing and the insular? Also, highlighting the entire frontal lobe as smell gives an awful lot of credit to our most primitive of senses.

Sorry. Just couldn't wear it around anyone who knows about the cerebellum.


Sorry, I just looked it up just to make sure, the gustatory (taste) cortex is in the parietal lobe. I'm really disappointed because if the shirt was anatomically correct, I'd love it. Sadly, having the cerebellum labeled taste just doesn't work for me.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Thanks for all comments and suggestion. I just do a research for the BRAIN, below are the result I got.

For the WORDS:

It should be SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, SMELL and TOUCH. Try CLICK HERE for more info.


SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, SMELL and TOUCH just a little part of the brain. So my design's colours will be concentrate on the larger part, which is FRONTAL LOBE (Red Colour), PARIETAL LOBE (Blue Colour), TEMPORAL LOBE (Green Colour) and OCCIPITAL LOBE (Yellow Colour).

Please click here for the FINAL DESIGN UPDATE.

Hope is help. Thanks again.


Wow, final update is much better, love it. (although technically, the thalamus should be where all the colours are and the cerebellum should just be a different colour/disregarded altogether.)


If it does get printed FM, can you see about fixing the cerebellum? I really love the shirt but the fact that it has nothing to do with senses/coordination of the senses (that's the thalamus' job) really kind of detracts from the design.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

brownstar, please check the final version and my explaination of colours too. I have change all the (Sense) USB port to white colour, it was a different colours with the cerebellum now. I get your point. Thanks for the suggestion.


this one too!! ahaha. print ittt

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