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The holes have a dark blue backround,
yet the shirt color is the background
between the legs. Having only one
background color would improve
this design.

Operator profile pic Artist

The leg doesn't need fixing as far as I'm concerned. As for the holes, well, I was going to make them shirt colored but it didn't look as good honestly, so I left them filled in dark.

As for the elements:
The Green pieces are the earth.
The Fire on the pieces is the fire.
The Blue pieces are the water.
The holes are the air.

Yea.. it's kind of deep-connect-4.


Captain Planet! Is there anyone who didn't love that, for as cheesy a show as it was? Sorry... all the questions about the "heart" pieces took me on a bit of a time warp.

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Come on.. does it really need to make sense backwards and forwards? I wish water could be on air but it can't... but fire can be on earth.. and since connect4 is a 2player game I decided to combine the fire piece with the earth and make water its own piece. Naturally a big part of the game of connect4 is the open spots, so the openess is air. I think its slightly, only slightly, clever.


Clever. I like it a lot.

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