Common Misconceptions of Musa Acuminata

Design by asher27

Common Misconceptions of Musa Acuminata by asher27 on Threadless
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the banana is a herb?



I love the design, but the "bananas do not come from trees, they come from plants" hurts me... maybe choose a different word to avoid implying that trees are not plants.

Best on the red, I think - might be too hard to read on natural or white.

asher27 profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments.
i asked threadless to purposely decline this because i forgot to but the placement on my sub... apparently they didnt listen. the placement is supposed to be in the center of the chest and not too big, not too small.

also, bananas come from plants. the plant (called the banana plant, which is an herb) is about as tall as a tree, so many people just assume its a banana tree.


i almost thoroughly second the comment right above.

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the text would be more readable on a shirt because the design would be much larger than it is on your screen.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Ode to bananaphone :)

asher27 profile pic Artist

nah, im from the us, ny specifically.
on my learning quest of bananas i found out that, while south american countries export most of the worlds bananas, they originate from new guinea, and not south america.


it's complicated but a thoughtful design!

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is the 3rd banana sub I've seen today. Is this the new trend?

asher27 profile pic Artist

i dont know if its the new trend or what, i didnt submit this into threadless loves threadless because bananas have been done before and they probably will be done after this too. personally, this was inspired by where i work (a supermarket) and how pathetic it is that i know almost all of the PLU's of the common fruits and veggies. bananas, for example, are 4011 (which is in my sub, by the way).

asher27 profile pic Artist

i work at a grocery store
4011 bananas
4664 vine tomatoes
4065 green peppers
4088 red peppers
4640 romaine lettuce
...i can go on and on...

barcode for 24 pack of 16 oz poland spring bottles...

...i worked 8.5 hours today.

asher27 profile pic Artist

oh and 9 infront of any produce item means its organic.

asher27 profile pic Artist

theres red bananas. theyre supposedly really good.

and its not an herb. we just say it like that cause we dont pronounce the 'h' in herb so its kinda like an erb. its always a before a constanant though, im pretty sure there are no exceptions. and the comma... yes, youre right. either of these things i could change if it were to get printed.


I rally behind this submission!

(But since you don't pronounce the 'h,' it really is 'an herb.' The a/an rule is about how you say it, not how you spell it.)

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