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Manupix profile pic Artist

A mix of drawings with pencils and charcoals, scanned and photoshopped. 4 solid colors. Can be printed on many colors except darkest; olive is my fav.



soloyo profile pic Alumni

I love it, very different and clever.


Thanks for leaving comments, look forward to see more of your work.

park_life profile pic Alumni

Nice work! The cat mouths just seemed more cute to me... By the way, the line beneath the guy's mouth is the belly! I wanted him to look a little chubby, and because he is sitting i thought it would be easy to understand... I will do some changes when i get home (right now i'm working) and will try to fix it!

intan galistri

i like it.. but i dont like if this design mix with Tshirt color :)

thanks you for reminding me I would not do it again:) sorry I miss that one... really sorry...

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