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Comfort and Support

Design by d3d

Comfort and Support by d3d on Threadless
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jublin profile pic Alumni

you love that khaki color don't you? 5 and buy from me, but i prefer some of the other colors like the darker blue. AWESOME illustration.


-One of the best illustrations I've ever seen on here.

blue usagi

OMG! best shirt ever!! i'd buy it $5!!!


great shirt, the art it came from is even better. i like it on the blue, without the koalas on the back the best. $4 from me.

Ava Adore

very very awseome.
great illustration


Damn d3d! your awsome


There you go and outdo yourself again...
Wicked design!

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i like every thing but the back, almost seems like two different shirts 5


cute...but im counting 5 colors...


theperk profile pic Alumni

mike who? MIKE JONES. just kidding, sweet design d3d


Great illustration. I agree with the other comments made about the crazy marsupials on the back, however. They look like the Grateful Dead's bears.


i know it seems like i am the 14th person saying it, but the koalas on the back are completely unnecessary. i tried to comment about how much i loved everything else before, but, alas, it didn't post. so here it goes.

the bears on the back do not fit with the realistic (and fantastic thing) you've got going on in the front. i looooove it.

get rid of the back koalas and it is a definately-without-a-doubt-100% $5 from me. right now it is 4 and $. heh. but sooooooooooooooooo close to 5!

d3d profile pic Artist

stupid damn back koalas. i drew them weeks ago and i've been trying to come up with something for them to do without success so i threw them on here as an afterthought just because i was sick of them. i'd be happy to take them off but they'll come back in some form when i think of a proper design for them.

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