come to the rock

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come to the rock by mikemills on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

print easily.


i really like this too, except i don't like the hands. They look too awkward facing the other direction to the head.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

i realize what you are doing with the reflection but I'd just get rid of the large rock, turn budda or lao-tzu or whoever that is the opposite direction... put the little squirrel guy back in and maybe some other animals where his head dress woulc be reaching the top

either way, this is great

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

this is byooooodiful

She Says So


esp on green.

although threadless will blatantly put it on some shit like light blue or heather for us girls.

tomburns profile pic Alumni



i think it's a great idea, but not excuted wonderfully. however it's still very nice.

finkenstein profile pic Alumni

completely awesome, and executed wonderfully.
don't listen to the stupid douche bags on this site...umm, except when they compliment you.


Love others have said, think about changing the hands. I will buy it either way.


it's really good... except the backwards-hands are a turn-off. I realize that if you change the hands, then you have to change the deer and the bamboo as well... but it's just my $.02.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

This is genius. DAMN!!


cool concept

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

This actually makes me chill out. I love it, don't change a thing. $5

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Nice work on the face man. Congrats on that other one btw! Cool!


You'd only need to move the deer slightly further from the rock to flip the reflections. Then the hands would be in the right place?!

plasmanter profile pic Alumni

Nice work... love it...

:) $$$$$$$$$$ for sure!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni


DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

WOW! I din't realize the reflection!!!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

ahh i love this


Creepy cool. Probably wouldn't buy, but I like looking at it.


the idea is neat but there is no logical reason for the hands to be upside down and cast from shadows in the opposite direction

mikemills profile pic Artist

I try not to comment on my own subs until they're done scoring, but I guess I should try and explain why it is the way it is. Obviously I thought a long time about how to execute this idea - where is the face, where are the hands, which way up should everything be - and if you look at the design long enough and hard enough, you realize that it just doesn't work to make it any different to the way it is now (seeing is believing). The hands, first of all, need to be where they are in order to create the reflections that they make - but is it possible to make them appear that they are directly, physically related to the face in the rock? (which believe me, looks very strange flipped the other way) - I don't think so, and when I tried, the design literally fell apart. My feeling was that at a glance you make an emotional connection between the elements, and accept that it's one person. If you stop to scrutinize the design on a technical level it's easy to point out the physical disconnects, but is that the purpose of a shirt design - to be perfectly logical physically and emotionally? I hope not, but who knows, maybe it is. Either way, it boils down to one thing: the execution is as right as it can be, and it either works or it doesn't - altering the design won't change that.


Beautiful! Really, really well done.

invisibleelement profile pic Alumni

Very creative! I appreciate your comment above... therefore 5.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Love this illustration, I hope it scores well.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

How was I the last comment on this design? That's just odd to me.

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