Colour Outside the Lines

Design by Skipper6745

Colour Outside the Lines by Skipper6745 on Threadless
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franx profile pic Alumni

well done! i don't hate the text at the bottom but i don't necessarily think it needs it. 5

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I like this
with the text!


hey! this one's better. very cute

tesco profile pic Alumni

this is great skip

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ agree with the tescko

I love this one


my highschool counselor would have worn this

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i like that you spelled colour with the u! yay!


+for the extra u
+ for the desing
and it reminds me of a book i own about being creative (i can't remember the title & autor)

i really like this but i'd like it even more on a different shirt colour than white


but... I'm American... ;-;

Skipper6745 profile pic Artist

I knew many liked the pretty spelling, so I went with it. Don't fret, it's not like it means anything different.


the concept is cool, the text on the bottom just beats you over the head with the message though. I think it's better without it.


I like but i think the text on the bottom is unnecessary too. It speaks for itself. :)

Skipper6745 profile pic Artist

Thanks, everyone! The text at the bottom, I suppose, will be optional.


nice. and the bottom is unnessecerrary

I totally blew the spelling right there^
shrug I'm not going back. =)


love it! not a big fan of the text at the bottom, but id buy it anyway $


It would be even more awesome if the color was no where near the text. Like if the text was black and white and then there was this little drawing in color on the bottom right side of the shirt.

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