Colour Dripping Rubik

Design by nhamidshah

Colour Dripping Rubik by nhamidshah on Threadless
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I really like the design, it is very appealing. My only criticism is that the preview of the t-shirt print makes it out to be slightly small. If it filled up the shirt more, I would be very interested in buying it.


Loved the design! But now I'm here the picture isn't loading, am I the only one? Nyhoo, it's a 5 even though I can't see it anymore!


A well deserved 5!!!! :)


Very creative. I agree with MessiahOFThe_TwinCalices' comment about increasing the size. That would also look cute on a kid's shirt but with a catchy phrase.

nhamidshah profile pic Artist

Thanks for the score and the comments guys :) Well this is my first design, so i'm kinda new to this. But do vote for my other design in the arcade fire contest.

- -

Thanks again for the scores and productive comments ;)

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