Color Theory Can Be Fun!

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Color Theory Can Be Fun! by zipperking on Threadless
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Anyone who has ever sat through a color theory class can feel my pain


i love it!
best design of this week by fffaaaaaarrrr
and color theory isjsut fine....i dont see everyones opposition to text here..


and what setivec said is a good idea...i still love it

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thank you for all the comments, as far as the text goes, it doesn't HAVE to be there, but I chose the font to be very plain and "institutional" for a reason.

more heat than light

Can we please not have the text!

I haven't bought the 'I Heart Color' T for the same reason. It's spelled differently over here in England. I don't want a thousand people coming up to me telling me my T-shirt is wrong.

Sorry to be pedantic, but I love the design, and I think it works just as well without the text.


without the text, it would look like a mastercar on the wall
it will take a little longer for people to understand it....
its better if people can get it in the few seconds they walk by you.


lose the teeth on the colour blobs, change the font (dry erase writing?) and it's a $5


blue's been working out!


There are already 2 Threadless tees with this theme.


Total rip off of the greenheads....If you haven't seen 'em...Then it is a cool design.

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thanks for all the comments, I do realize the subject has been done before, but I still decided to post this sub to hopefully give people a little smile for the day, that's all I don't really expect threadless to print another infidelity shirt.


I must buy this as a gift for my color theory prof


the words distracted me from the infidelity thing. i thought it was some esoteric color theory joke. everybody knows yellow+red = orange, but they might not know what "color theory" is.


haha how cute. $4.



i love the little guys, they remind me of the green guy from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


I live in England, so I'd just get tons of people pointing out the spelling mistake on my tee.

Do like the design though.


This reminds me too much of the 2 milks and baby chocolate milk shirt already (somewhere) on threadless.....

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