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invisibleelement profile pic Artist

I have had this laying around for several months and decided to go ahead and submit it.

invisibleelement profile pic Artist

Here are a couple of details of the shirt :
Detail 1

Detail 2
I thought about adding more details to the headphones but decided once it was reduced to print you might end up and loose them anyway.
Thanks for the votes so far.


i only wish the headphones were a bit larger and the tee were something other than natural/white...


Great design!


I like it, but I like it better on the blue color for the close up; circles look better

invisibleelement profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments!
Im glad you pointed that out Corey2001... this would work nicely on blue as well... even the green or orange, although I would have to relocate some of the colors in the rainbow.

scenerie profile pic Alumni

Nice color combination (and design)--especially on the blue background. Orange would also be nice if you flipped the rainbow colors around, like you said.


living the 70´s

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