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Color Noir by ArTrOcItY on Threadless
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ArTrOcItY profile pic Artist

Tired of everything being black and white, he decided to add some color, needless to say, she doesn't approve!


Rubber chicken? WTF?
Very interesting! I like the contrast


I love how he's in a trench coat. Not sketchy at all. Good idea though. I think you could have illustrated her disapproval a little better but it's chill. Good luck with this!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Interesting idea on how the shirt color and the characters are interacting, but everything doesn't feel too cohesive yet. Maybe even have the woman on the ground or stepping backwards and a red drop from the paintbrush hits her toe and it disappears into the color of the tee or something. Nice idea here.

ArTrOcItY profile pic Artist

Thank you everyone, I'm glad to see nobody else likes the idea of rubber chicken!:) Well in noir genre they always, at least to me, look kind of stiff so I didn't want to overdo it with there expressions and when I had this in critique, I had him splat little bit of paint on her and I got a comment he's splatting red semen on her, so go figure! Well, I think I'm going to do this one again or maybe even a series of designs like this but unfortunately it seems to me most people here are not really thrilled over this:)):

ArTrOcItY profile pic Artist

In noir comics you can and if I done that, I bet people would be like I can't see anything on this shirt!

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