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BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the future!
And why not take an souvenir with you as a reminder of your time in this glorious Golden Age of space travel?
MARVEL at cigarette cards depicting the exotic Robots of the Ancient Worlds!
WONDER at a matchbook from THE END OF THE UNIVERSE!
PLAY a game of spot the sci-fi reference!"

Yeah, so it's just a bunch of space junk. $5 the lot, final offer mate.
Check my blog at for some up close details


awesome idea! i have one suggestion:

white ink tends to be much thicker than other colors and therefore would be heavy feeling across the shirt like that.

as an alternative, discharge inks would produce a similarly light color, but feel much softer on the shirt.

just a suggestion. as for the art, its badass.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist

tanango: Yes. See them all on my blog.

soulfume: I have no idea about these things, but I know you are a print professional so I shall trust what you say!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist

Sorry, that is, yes, I made them all myself


ha thanks man. discharge ink is a great alternative to loads of white ink, especially on dark shirts.

I definitely dig the design, and it would be killer either way

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

dude this is great! The image detail and style is fantastic!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

Baron Von Awesome


BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist that's a name I'd gladly adopt! Unfortunately I think this shirt's a little to random for general consumption! But thanks to all

the czar

I need a set of playing cards with those little designs on them. Very cool, great idea.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Great collabs on a shirt!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Great concept! i just think the layout and composition needs to be worked on.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist

Hello everyone, thankyou for all your comments and advice! The idea I was going for was that the 'collectables' , while being a random assemblage, would form some kind of shooting star-cum-thunderbirds-esque sash. I personally think it works compositionally (especially when viewed at full size), but I'm biased, and I can see that it might look a bit of a hotch-potch and comes off fairly unsuccessfully.
Sorry, I really shouldn't leave such rambling comments on my own subs, but I hope you'll enjoy some of the individual elements if not the tee as a whole; I may use them in something else later on- here's a lazy link to the individual pieces for your amusement BLAST OFF!


After looking at your close-ups on your blog I definitely vote $5. My husband would absolutely love this shirt.


love the references!


very cool but I agree compostition needs work. sign me up for one when it gets fixed


I really like the individual elements, and would probably buy most of them isolated on seperate t-shirts, but I really don't like the way they're composed on the shirt. If you end up changing the design, sign me up.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

$5 this rocks socks

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I love all the little retro illos!

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

great little illustrations

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