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KDLIG profile pic Artist

Coffee addicts, Bow down to your leader, LOL! LOL! LOL!


Oh Yeah! IV caffeine, my 6 AM fantasy. ;o)


Thats the story of my life.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Clare Nesmith on Sep 02 '07
Sorry, but "coffee junkie" is a played out idea and designs based on corporate logos are tacky.


Have you actually looked at the design? It's superbly executed and anything but tacky.

This is very, very good!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Damn, the background objects really pop out like crazy.
Love it.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

Thank y'all, thanks Tonteau for backing me up =D

KDLIG profile pic Artist

The lady was not suppose to be the real mermaid on that logo, as you can see the tails are there, it's suppose to be like an ordinary coffee drinker that turned her loe for coffee into addiction, that turned her into a particular Coffee brand freak, I hope that'll do with the feet speculations,hehe, please vote

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I do not endorse the drinking of coffee or anything supporting coffee addiction, however i cannot turn my head to aa design that so cleverly tweaks a corporate logo this well and wildly conceived! Also, this shirt doesn't automatically make me think pro-coffee either. I love this design tho...great work on this! 4.

KDLIG profile pic Artist

thanks evan =D

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration, I like it on white.

Ava Adore

awesome illus!

neon electric

this relates to me quite well.


They're going to select this design and then ruin it by putting it on Heather Grey, I just know it =(

Just say yes to solid colors!


i'm such a starbucks addict. can i get this one in pink please?!!!


I've never understood what those tacky fin-looking things are supposed to be!


This is really well executed, but to me this might step into lawsuit territory :(

KDLIG profile pic Artist

it's just a spoof not a copied logo and used it for another coffee shop, a lot of spoof designs have been printed already, and besides I didn't reveal anybrand name to it, thanks for the comments peeps =D


mmm i want starbucks now :P


Oh yes please, give me all the cafeine you have! I love this one :D 5 points!

Neon Samurai

I don't think I'd wear it. (Starbucks hasn't quite taken over here yet) But it is a superbly executed parody of a corporate logo. 5 all the way.


I really love this. Especially cause I live in a city where there's Starbucks right across the street from Starbucks and it phases NO ONE.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


mezo profile pic Alumni

Not a mermaid. A siren.


Thank you mezo, SIREN.

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