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Code Orange

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Code Orange by TheFactorie on Threadless
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ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Already been printed dude:

TheFactorie profile pic Artist

Thanks Ivan! After I had the idea, I checked to see if it had already been submitted to Threadless. I like the other version a lot, but I decided to submit mine as well because I had a different style in mind. I think execution matters. How many astronaut shirts does Threadless offer?


Looks great, good job!


But what was the point of researching it if you just ignored the findings? You've gone from willful ignorance to outright theft. I understand that you came up with the idea on your own, but then you saw someone else did it first, and said "Oh, I'll change the colors and the typeface and try to resell it!" That's not the same as two shirts that both have drawings of astronauts on them.

TheFactorie profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comment, Maura. Do you think 'outright theft' might be putting too fine a point on it?

When I had the idea, I had a vision for it. I would have loved to be the first one, but Esther Aart's version wasn't very similar to the style I was thinking of. I think it's a clever idea, but there's more to it than concept alone.

People have been texting WTF for ten or fifteen years, and the military radio code is probably almost as old as radio. This is how memes start. Somebody says it over the loudspeaker at Six Flags, and then pretty soon everyone thinks Keanu Reeves ad-libbed it in The Matrix: Unloaded 4. Or did they say it on South Park first?

It's a big world and I think there's room for two shirts with these words on them. If you disagree, downvote me as you see fit. I had fun working on it, and I'm on to my next project.


"Theft" is definitely too strong a word to use here. The design and execution of the two shirts are very different, and there's no trademark or copyright violation since it's a commonly used phrase. Relax a bit and enjoy two different artist's interpretations of a cultural meme.


WOW, Maura, you have so much to learn about art and life and the world in general. If you were to live by your own logic then would you only wear hand-sewn couture clothing straight from the Paris runway. Why? Because buying any inspiration of that runway look from the 5 million other clothing houses is (again, based on your singular logic) THEFT and only the original deserves to exist. All others are evil and signs of intellectual thievery and should be DESTROYED. Oh Maura, don't you know that a lot of innocent people would be walking around BUCK NAKED if this were the case? Freezing in the winter, burning in the summer, being arrested for indecent exposure...I for one don't want to see most people naked because they are fat and hairy and look so much better in clothing. In closing, as Anton Chekhov once said, “There is nothing new in art except talent.”


I really like the retro-yet-current type treatment here- nice job!


Wow theft? Way way over the top there! Thats like saying Adam created the first purple shirt and any variation of a purple shirt since is outright theft along with ohhhh god everything else under the sun that has variations to it!! In fact, under her logic, the design of the previous tee committed "outright theft" against the U.S Navy where the phrase originated lol


I really love the lettering. Ignore the 'theft' comments. I actually think you did a much better job anyway :) 5$

myronmhouse profile pic Alumni

Great! Who cares about the old one.


The ! makes it for me. Love it.

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