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tomburns profile pic Alumni

haha, wow.
5 for just designing it.
what happens when an old lady at the grocery asks what the shirt means tho?

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

no intented pun uh?! :D

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni



Nice colours. Nice big cock.

little g
little g profile pic Artist

I thought this was a subtle pun. If you wore this shirt people might have to look at it for a bit before the light bulb went off. Wear it as a protest to the people in the world that make you crazyy or wear it on a first date! No, don't wear it on a first date...

Looks great on black and brown. Vote and comment away!


will guys where this? Will NICE girls wear this?

It is funny and well designed but...

little g
little g profile pic Artist

Just to reiterate that this shirt idea doesn't necessarily have to be perceived only as a provocative thing. It could be an insult too. Like if I was in line at a store and someone cut in front of me, I’d love to tap that person on the shoulder, point at them and say, “You are a total...” and then point at my shirt.

See? It’s like ear muffs for the little ones around. You can get your anger out with out saying the words out loud! Bonus!!


It's very well done, I don't want my comment to come off as mean or anything

I'm just wondering if a peeps would wear it
cause you know
and what tom said

spacesick profile pic Alumni

bird's the word


if i ever saw a chick wearing this shirt id be like...

hey, whats up baby!?...

yeah, thats all i have scripted out so far

Ava Adore

haha nice n simple

badnobe profile pic Alumni

haha!!!include this is in your print list.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

cheeky. $5.


my husband has a sucker in the shape of a rooster ... he's had it since he was a little kid and i dont think he'll ever throw it away (or eat it) cuz it's so funny :)


This is the sweetest little cock sucker I've ever seen! I think it's adorable and I'd definitely wear it. Please print!!!!

ladykat profile pic Alumni


What can I say? I'm a sucker for puns! :-P

little g
little g profile pic Artist

Hasn't anyone ever called someone a c@ck sucker before? Like, "Shut up you stupid c@ck sucker!" or something like that? Just wondering. I mean it can be taken both ways, but I was thinking more of the insult when I designed this one. Still, take it however you want and enjoy!

Thanks for the comments too everyone :)


I dig the look of it but I've seen many shirts for sale before with the exact same idea/type of illustration!


The only thing that could deprive the illustration of its greatness is that it stands for something to vulgar.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

mmmmm? haha
very nice work! keep it up! $5

fc gravy

great stuff!


Too close to Kellogg's rooster? (From Kellogg's perspective) Cute idea though.

little g
little g profile pic Artist

I guess I was subliminally effected by kellogg. It's similar to it for sure but I didn't once look at a box. I don't even eat corn flakes but it does resemble the rooster that is true. The power of advertising compels me!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Your style is perfect in this sub!
I also really dig the script 'C' & 'S'- what font is it?

Jemae profile pic Alumni
3 designs submitted - Score now!

COOL Idea! Well Done! ;)

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni


oh. wrong sub...

little g
little g profile pic Artist

I know you want this one really bad. I can tell you that as of right now this sub is doing nothing more than collecting dust. I'll let you know if that ever changes. Thanks for your support on it!! :D


OMG I was just thinking about this concept and painting a large one! Good thing I did not sub it as a tee. Hilarious.

little g
little g profile pic Artist

Almost a year later comment suckerz

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